Top 6 places in Virginia for retirees

If you’re searching for a state with a lot of history, beautiful scenery, and thrilling outdoor activities, Virginia has many places to go! Virginia is a great place to visit because it is strategically positioned on the East Coast and provides something for everyone to enjoy. There are great places in Virginia for retirees to move to. Some of the reasons are that social security benefits are not taxed by the state. As a senior, you can deduct up to $12,000 in retirement income and pension. Crime rates are substantially below national averages with violent crime being the third lowest. Getting to know your new neighbors can be difficult so be sure to have some tips to make it easier on yourself.

Woodstock is small but enough

Woodstock population is about 5.500 people at this moment. Which is small but this town will give you everything you need and more. This is a great place to stay if you want to keep connected to nature. Especially during your retirement years. This historic village in Shenandoah County is set between the Blue Ridge and the Appalachian Mountains. Golf courses are open almost all year, as are kayaking, skiing, tubing, fishing, and bicycling.

Woodstock is one of the best places in Virginia for retirees.

Woodstock will provide you with the nature and peace that you need during your golden year.

So you’d have a hard time being bored in Woodstock. It’s also simple to stay active. You can also stay active by spotting hidden moving costs. There are also numerous museums related to George Washington and the Civil War in the town. The stores, galleries, and cafes on Old Valley Pike are diverse.

Falls Church is one of the liveliest places in Virginia for retirees

This city has a population of 14.770 people at the moment. Falls Church is another fantastic destination for outdoor enthusiasts in Virginia. You’d also get access to over 55 retirement communities and luxury golf courses. Furthermore, according to a study. The average monthly rent is around $1,500. In fact, according to the survey, 40% of people rent their homes while 60% purchase them.

Falls Church, on the other hand, has an urban vibe. As a result, it’s ideal for someone who enjoys a lively city lifestyle. You can reach out to experts for help. They will settle you in your new home in no time. With such high experience that they have. You will be in your home faster than expected. They will make the whole process as easy as possible for you.

Golf ball on the grass in Falls Church

Falls Church is one of the places in Virginia for retirees that can offer you a lot of activities. Enjoy your golden years!

Ashburn is popular among people of all ages

The population of Ashburn is about 43.400 people at this time. Ashburn is part of the Dulles Technology Corridor and is known as “Data Center Alley” since it is where much of the world’s Internet traffic passes through. It is located in Northern Virginia, roughly 30 miles northwest of Washington, DC. Many Ashburn residents work in DC or with one of the Tech Corridor’s companies. The average household earns more than $100,000.

Also, there are plenty of retirement activities from bingo to concerts, among other things. So, let specialists lead the way if you want to live in Ashburn. They will make the relocation process easier for you. All of your items will be in more than safe hands. Therefore you will have them by your side in no time.

Ashburn is one of the best places in Virginia and a lot of people want to live there

Ashburn will give you everything you need and more. This city is popular among people of all ages so be sure that this city is special

Abingdon is one of the most creative places in Virginia for retirees

This place is about 8.000 big but is more than enough for most people. Especially if you enjoy the arts and adore festivals. Abingdon could be the perfect spot for retirement. It’s possible that it’s one of the best destinations for creative souls. The town offers a number of special events throughout the year, including the Virginia Highlands Festival, which dates back to the 1980s.

When you’re not parading, you can enjoy the many cycling and hiking paths that Abingdon has to offer. Professionals at Zippy Shell DMV can help you with the whole process of moving. Even letting you know in advance how much your relocation will cost and they will do the estimate for free. Among other services, they will happily provide for you.

Martinsville is for outdoor activities

Martinsville’s population is about 15.000 at this moment. Martinsville is the finest spot to retire in Virginia. The Martinsville Speedway and NASCAR racing are well-known in this small town, but it has much more to offer. Martinsville is surrounded by calm lakes and beautiful mountains, and it has pleasant weather all year long. The Blue Ridge Mountains will be seen from anywhere in Martinsville, affording breathtaking scenery.

People hiking trough nature near one of the places in Virginia for retirees.

Abingdon will offer you art and festivals but don’t forget about hiking and other outdoor activities you can enjoy

Martinsville is a great place for retirees who enjoy the outdoors. If this sounds like something you will enjoy then be ready to do an interstate move. You can make it happen with some easy-to-follow steps. Martinsville is worth the hassle. With some time you will see the true beauty of this area.

Bedford is one of the quiet places in Virginia

Bedford is a small town with a population of slightly over 6,000 people. However, everyone can see why it’s becoming a more popular retirement destination. Hikes along the Appalachian Trail and a day at Smith Mountain Lake are just a few of the activities available. The surrounding area’s almost 21,000 acres of national forest are ideal for the more adventurous retirees. Bedford has six local vineyards to choose from if you prefer a good glass of wine.

There is more, of course

You can also check out these Virginia places if you are house hunting. You will see what some of the best places in Virginia for retirees have to offer you. Which will make the house hunting easier on you and the family. Make sure you’re content with the decision that you make because that is the most important thing.