Top 6 student-friendly cities in the US

Being a student is not easy. For a lot of young people, this means having to balance work and school as best as it is possible. All while also having an active social life. This is not an easy task and young people usually struggle during this time. And since universities are mostly located in bigger cities, there are plenty of students struggling to maintain this routine. This is why as a student you should be searching for student-friendly cities. There are plenty of them in the United States. You can find plenty of amazing cities to move to as a student where you won’t have such a hard time living on your own. We decided to help you out a bit by telling you more about the top 6 student-friendly cities in the US. There are plenty of them, as we said, but we believe that these six cities are the best options that there are to consider.

6. Austin, Texas

The last on our list, but certainly not least, would have to be Austin. Austin is a beautiful city to live in and it is one of the student-friendly cities in the US. It isn’t an expensive city to live in which s one of the main reasons why moving here as a student is something we would recommend doing.

Austin is also very modern. There are plenty of beautiful buildings, parks, and neighborhoods in Austin. It is a city that will evolve over the following years even more. New homes are being built as more and more people are moving to Austin. And if you decide to do so as well, Superior Moving & Storage are able to assist with the relocation process no matter where you are moving from.

Austin TX.

Austin is a beautiful city.

5. Orlando, Florida

Another great city to consider moving to is Orlando in Florida. This is the perfect city for those who like to have a lot of fun. And to that, we also say who doesn’t like to have a lot of fun? There are plenty of fun things to do in the city such as go to bars or clubs where you can drink and dance. There are plenty of galleries and museums here also. But even just spending time outside in the city will be a fun experience as it is a very lovely city to live in.

Moving to Orlando is great as this is where you will be able to find affordable housing. There are plenty of homes to rent in the city so finding one won’t be a problem. Orlando is one of the best cities in Florida to invest in real estate. There are homes both in the center of the city and in the suburbs. The fact that you have options to choose from is another reason why moving to Orlando is a good idea.

Orlando FL.

Moving to Orlando surely means living in a fun place.

4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Another city that must find its spot on our list is Philadelphia, one of the biggest Pennsylvanian cities. It is an amazing place to live as a student for dozens of reasons. Philadelphia is affordable which is a reason enough to move to this city as a student. This is also a city with a couple of great universities so you could not only live a nice life but also get a good degree. Philadelphia is also very modern. It is artsy. There are plenty of young people already living in Philadelphia because of this.

There are plenty of amazing neighborhoods here so we suggest researching where moving to is a good idea. Some neighborhoods are more affordable than others. This is why the research is necessary. And even if you end up moving to one of the neighborhoods where homes cost more, you can always count on the fact that experienced people can assist you with moving from one neighborhood to another.

philadelphia PA.

You can move within the city easily.

3. Tempe, Arizona

One of the most student-friendly cities in the US is Tempe Arizona. It is one of the most affordable big cities to live in and one of the best cities to live in. Since it is a relatively new city, it is very modern. Tempe is truly a city that a student would fall in love with. Here is also where you will find plenty of things to do. You can go shopping, cycling, dancing. Anything you think of, you can find a place in Tempe where doing that is possible.

2. Seattle, Washington

One of the biggest cities on our list and one that almost found its way at the top of the list but didn’t in Seattle. This is a gorgeous, big city located in the Western part of the country. It isn’t as affordable as the previous cities but the job opportunities that are to be found here compensate for that. Plenty of big companies have their headquarters in Seattle and are looking to hire young ambitious people. Knowing that you will be able to find a decent job while studying as well is very important, especially if you are paying your own college tuition. There are plenty of reasons to move to Seattle right away.

1. Columbus, Ohio

And the first on the list has to be Columbus. This is one of the most beautiful student-friendly cities. It is very affordable, more than the other five we talked about. It is also a city that is evolving so it means that it is only going to get bigger. There are plenty of neighborhoods to move to and plenty of homes to consider. A great number of young people are moving to Columbus and you could do so too.