Top exercises for football players

In order to give their best during the 90 minutes of a football game, professional football players focus on both their sports skills as well as additional exercises that help them build the necessary speed, agility, stamina, and strength. Therefore, whether you plan on becoming a professional athlete or want to improve your game, there are some exercises for football players that you should consider including in your regular training routine.

How can the gym improve your game?

One of the most common mistakes young football players make is overlooking the importance of improving their strength. The overall health and fitness of a player are extremely important when it comes to building stamina and strength. All of which can greatly improve a player’s game and his/her shoots. Being on top of their game is particularly important for professional players looking for a job after moving to Dubai.


Regular exercises can help you improve your game.

Additional workouts and small adjustments to a regular training routine can improve a player’s hip flexibility, leg mobility as well as their core strength. Therefore, whether you have enrolled at a high-class football academy or just play the sport to have some fun with your friends, exercising in a gym can greatly help you improve your game. You can either find a gym near you or turn your attic/basement into a home gym. This is one of the most useful home improvements for every football player. Keep in mind that working on both upper and lower-body strength will also improve your power and speed which is helpful for any team position.

It doesn’t matter if you are preparing for an important match or it is an off-season one. Mixing up the regular training routine will be fun and helpful. Some players prefer to exercise on their own, while others hire a personal coach to help them plan their workouts. If searching for a good personal trainer for fitness to improve your game, make sure you find a licensed coach that can create a custom-made training plan that will fit your needs and capabilities. Also, make sure you don’t push yourself over the limit. Inform your personal trainer of your other exercise schedules during the week. Thus, you will be able to maximize the workouts and avoid any injuries.

Which are the best exercises for football players

Adding power to your game is all about finding a balance in your training routine. Even though you might feel comfortable with your regular workouts, there are a few exercises you should include in your routine.

  • Lunges. – An exercise that is important for improving your speed.
  • Agility ladders. – As obvious as it may be, agility ladders must make one of the top exercises for football players on any list.
  • Kettlebell swings.
  • Nordic Hamstring Falls. – An important exercise for strengthening your glutes, hamstrings and core muscles.
  • Medicine ball push-ups.
  • Deadlifts.
  • Box squats.
  • Zigzag sprints.

Boost the mobility of your legs with different types of lunges

Lunges are usually not a favorite exercise of football players. However, when done right, lunges can help you improve your flexibility, mobility, as well as the overall strength. For young football players and beginners, we recommend side lunges. Lateral movements like lunges are extremely important for football players that need to move from side to side during a game. Even though, if not used to lunges, this exercise might leave you with some soreness, it will help you build game speed.

Improve the coordination of your feet with agility ladders

Agility ladders certainly are one of the top exercises for football players that you should include into your regular workout routine. Setting the ladder on the ground and running through it will help you improve your footwork, coordination, and stamina.

Kettlebell swings

Three kettle-bells used in exercises for football players

Kettlebells can help you improve your strength.

If done properly, kettlebell swings can be a great full-body workout. Your back, hips, shoulders, and glutes can all be positively affected by this workout. However, we recommend young players only do this workout with the supervision of a personal trainer. Kettlebells that are too heavy or improperly used can cause injuries or a negative impact on your muscles. Therefore, make sure you have an experienced trainer by your side when doing a more intense exercise.

Just like with any other exercise that includes lifting some weight, it is important to pay attention to your body position when doing kettlebell swings. With the help of a professional personal trainer, this workout can improve your power movements. This way you will be able to maximize your workouts and ensure you have a licensed coach to help you improve your game safely.

Nordic hamstring falls can be as challenging as they sound

Doing this workout safely requires some help from a trainer, a pole or some other gym equipment. Keep in mind that this is a challenging workout. Even though it can help you strengthen the glutes, core muscles and hamstrings, keep in mind that this exercise requires some strength and practice.

Medicine ball push-ups

Building your upper-body strength is important for any football player, especially for a goalkeeper. Medicine ball push-ups, one of the top exercises for football players, will activate your arms, shoulders, and core.


Improving your overall strength will improve your speed as well. Deadlifts are a great way to build muscle, and, as there are more than a few types of this great exercise, it can be done by beginners as well as pro athletes. This exercise will also come in handy when lifting heavy furniture if you ever have to move by yourself.

Box squats

Box squats are yet another great exercise for experienced football players. Even though this workout can help you build your leg strength and improve your flexibility, it is not an exercise that should be done by beginners and very young players without any supervision.

Zigzag sprints – an important exercise for football players

A man and a football

Sprints are an important part of football training routine

In order to be able to run and easily move from side to side like a football player, you will need to work on your speed and flexibility. Zigzag sprints are among the most important exercises for football players. The stops and turns with the combination of fast sprints allow players to work on their agility, speed, and explosiveness. All of which greatly improves the game of a football player. The best part is,  you can do this exercise anywhere