Top reasons to buy a family home in Katy, TX

Many people are moving to Texas every year. That is why Texas is seeing huge growth in population both in urban and rural areas! There are many things that bring people into the state, and our experts from World Real Estate Directory laid out the top reasons to buy a family home in Katy, TX!

All the good reasons

As mentioned before, there are many things bringing people to Texas, like:

  • No state income taxes
  • Weather
  • Diversity
  • Sports

We will go over all of these reasons one by one!

No state income taxes

The lack of a state income tax is one of the major reasons why individuals are relocating to Texas. Rather than earning revenue from income taxes, it does so from property taxes. As a result, Texas is one of just seven states in the United States where people are exempt from paying state income tax. This is a great thing if you want to move to Katy because you will have more money to get a better moving company. According to reputable movers from State to State Move, you will have a much easier move!

Fan of 100 dollar bills
Because there are no state income taxes, many people come to Texas to save a bit of money!

Despite some homeowners’ complaints about the state’s disproportionate property income, the overall tax burden on individuals in Texas is substantially lower than in other states. This is one of the main things drawing people to buy a family home in Katy, TX.


Many people choose to live in Texas because of the weather. No, it isn’t always hot and sunny. Texas is one of the few states in the United States where you can truly appreciate each season. Move to the south if you want tropical heat. Move west if you want to see breathtaking mountains and miles of desert. In the east, you’ll find wetlands and bayous, whereas, in the north, you’ll find fields of green. If you decide on buying a family home in Katy, TX you will find yourself in a great spot to experience each distinct season!


Young families make up the majority of those looking to relocate to Texas. And it’s easy to understand why! This is especially appealing to young families and couples looking to settle down because there is no state income tax and reasonable housing. There is something for everyone, from small apartments to big properties for people who consider buying a ranch. The influx of families has given the state a family-friendly vibe.

Parents eating with their kid consider to buy a family home in Katy
There are many young families that plan to buy a family home in Katy

Texas is also known for being a tolerant and diverse state. As a result, there are vibrant multicultural communities all around the state.

Moving into your new family home in Katy, TX is much easier today because with all those people came reputable moving companies. Hiring reputable movers to simplify the process is much easier today than it was just a couple of years ago! Because of that, you will be able to enjoy your new place much faster!


Are you a football fan? Texans and their sports have a long and illustrious history. In Texas, football is a religion. Friday night football is a popular social event in the state and has been shown in a number of films. So if you are a huge sports fan you will feel at home in your new place in no time!

Many people who move to Texas want to support their favorite sports teams and feel proud of their home state. Despite the fact that football is by far the most popular and successful sport in Texas, the state has a plethora of other successful teams and sports. Those who buy a family home in Katy will have a full cheerleading schedule.