Ultimate guide to moving home

When you decide to move you definitely must plan everything ahead. When moving home, there are a lot of things to think about, to buy, to order, to find the right movers, check out the new home before you bring in the furniture, etc. So many things. And yet somehow there is never enough time. But that is something that is not quite right. If you dedicate yourself to plan the move at least some time ahead, you will be on the right track. There is an answer to how to properly plan your relocation, and the answer is that you must have a good organization.

What is a good organization?

Good organization means that you have some things figured out. If you are moving abroad, you must be aware that papers have to be in order before you even think about living your current country to go and start your life somewhere else. Visa has to be approved, the passport has to be valid. If you are moving with your family your work with taking care of paperwork can be doubled. However, if you are moving down the street these are the things that you obviously don’t have to think about.

One very smart thing when moving home that you can do is to create for yourself to do list. On that list, you can write down in bullets everything you need to do before the day of your move. And once you finish the obligation you had on paper just scratch it and that is it. One thing to do done, few to go. It will make your move easier. Things that you can do chronologically:

  • Make a to-do list
  • Find some good movers (getting a recommendation would be the best case)
  • Pack smaller and fragile items on your own
  • Mark the boxes
  • Check dimensions of your new place
  • All of this do in a timely manner
  • Good organization is half of the work

    Organize your time and duties


Pick a date for your move immediately. Because once you pick a date for your move you will begin with arranging that move. The first thing you should do is to find the movers that will help you move. It is crucial to find some good movers and the best situation would be if someone recommends some good movers company. Finding someone who already had good experience with some company can help you a lot. However, if you decide not to hire movers but ask a couple of friends for help that can be alright too. But it will definitely be more difficult when moving. Do I really need to hire movers? Can I move with help of my friends?

These are only some of the frequently asked questions about moving and there is no right answer. Some people would rather pay someone to move them and others would like to save that money for something else and they would rather move with a help of a friend. And there is no wrong answer. However, it would be much easier if some professionals move you. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot and you will save your nerves. You can always find out more here mastermovingguide.com  and you can find some very good movers that will help you out and you probably won’t have to lift a finger. Unless you want it to. But it is all up to you. Opinions are individual but one thing is for sure, if you want to stress less then you should hire movers.

Double check your new home

When moving, home is not all about the move per se. You have to visit your new home couple of times before entering your stuff inside. Take advantage of the fact that your new home is empty to do a deep cleaning. After you do that you can start to move those smaller items that you can move all alone. Also, it wouldn’t be bad to move all the fragile items you may have. For that, you will probably need movers help. Especially with items like mirrors. While your new home is empty, you can also check dimensions of your kitchen, living room and dining room. To see if everything will fit as you imagined. And if you are having some new furniture then you should check out where it would fit the best. This is the fun part when moving home.

Moving home can be fun when making new furniture schedule

Imagine how your new home will look like

Moving with a pet

If you are moving to a rented apartment, then before even any talk about the move you should check with your landlord if your pet is welcome. If the answer is no you should keep looking. Unless your pet is a golden fish than you are fine. However, if you bought a new apartment then you shouldn’t really care what your neighbors think about your huge dog or your cat that meows a lot. While you are in the process of moving and everything around you is hectic you need to find someone who can take care of your pet.

Movers running through your apartment and furniture all around can be a bit stressful for your pet, so you need to find someone who you can trust and who is willing to look after your pet until you settle down in your new home. Moving home is not only a big deal for you but for your pet as well. They can feel any change and they need to adjust.

Pets are a stress relievers

Your new home should be comfortable for your pet as well

Moving home doesn’t have to be stressful if you plan a bit ahead and unload obligations from your shoulders one by one. And not all at once. In this way, you won’t feel tired and unwilling to move. Once you finish your move and sit in your chair in the new home, look around and you’ll see that it was all worth it. It can be a bit overwhelming at one point but for that, there are friends and movers that will help you and lift that stress of your shoulders.