Understanding the different types of homes in Massachussets

So, you plan to move and buy a new house? That sounds like a great idea which is also an upcoming change in your life. You must be pretty excited about this. However, you understand that making a step like this will not be simple at all. But, before you start stressing and worrying about your relocation and house purchase, please read this text on understanding different types of homes in Massachusetts. Certainly, it will be of great help to you. It contains the most important things you should know about both types of homes in Massachusetts and moving. Therefore, just relax and go on with your reading. Good luck!

Do not move on your own

First of all, when any relocation process is in question you must decide how you want to do it. We strongly advise you to give up on moving on your own from the very start. There are many reasons for avoiding this. Some of the most important ones are injuries and stress. Many recent studies show that most people tend to get hurt during their moving process. This is usually due to lifting heavy and large things, like furniture items and big cardboard boxes. As for the second reason against moving by yourself, that is stress, it can easily weaken your immune system. That means that you can get ill, which you do not want to happen at any cost.

Hire the professional movers

In order to avoid causing all of the problems stated in the previous paragraph, you should hire professional movers. Do not worry, this is not complicated as it may seem. Today, you can find the moving company that is perfect for you without even leaving your current home, which is thanks to the internet. We advise you to check genuine professionals like gruntsmoving.com right now for they are very reliable experts in the field of moving and everything else that comes with it.

Have a plan

When it comes to moving you have to be well organized. That also includes planning the expenses for your upcoming relocation, which is necessary, especially when you plan to buy a new house in Massachusetts.

Choose one of the types of homes in Massachusetts that is perfect for you

Also, you have to know about different types of homes in Massachusetts in order to be able to choose the type that suits you the most. Here are some of the most important ones:

Victorian is one of the evident types of homes in Massachusetts

The Victorian houses are well known for their turrets which makes them look a little bit like castles. Their facades can be painted in more colors and are full of details. That is why these homes look very elegant. They also have bay windows and ornamental woodwork.

A Victorian house.

Victorian type of homes can look like a castle.


Colonial style is among the most popular types of homes in Massachusetts. These houses usually have two to three stories and two or three large chimneys made of brick and brick facades. Moreover, the front entry of this type of house has a portico that is supported by columns, which is what makes it very beautiful.


Tudor houses resemble old English cottages. In addition, they have Gothic elements. Their characteristics are large brick chimneys and steeply pitched roofs. If you like the house designs from the past, types of homes in Massachusetts like this one can be perfect for you.

A Tudor house as one of the types of homes in Massachussets.

Tudor home can be perfect for you, especially if you like the look of English cottages.


The Bungalow design of a home is more simple. It usually has two stories and small porches at the front entrance. If you like the types of houses without so many details, you can easily opt for a home like this.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod type of home in Massachusetts usually has one and a half stories with steep roofs and one chimney on an end of the house. The front doors are always centered. Also, these houses are often without some elaborate details. They can be very cozy places for families.


Federal types of houses often have brick facades and elaborate windows. They are symmetrical homes with two chimneys. Furthermore, the highlight is on details and decor when these houses are in question.

A house in federal style.

A federal house can be very stylish with its details.

Split Level

Split Level types of houses have three spaces. One is for living, one for sleeping and one for the basement. Many people choose to use the basement space and create one more living area in the house, which can be a very practical thing to do. Split Level houses also have low pitched roofs and garages.

Shingle Style

Shingle-style houses are often considered to be typically American. They are very special. These homes have wide porches and steeply pitched roofs. Also, they are asymmetrical which means that a person who stands outside can see a different shape on each of the four sides of the house.


The Ranch is one of the simpler types of homes in Massachusetts. These houses have an L-shaped floor plan and a pitched roof. Moreover, they have a garage that is attached and is a single story. Ranches are very practical, which is very important if you plan to buy it.

Greek Revival

At one point American architects turned to Greek architecture. Houses like that have gabled roofs in the front. Their facade is symmetrical and they also have very large porches. Moreover, their columns are often up to the second floor. If you love large houses, you can choose something like this.