What will wow Virginia home buyers?

What attracts today’s real estate seekers the most? What should you do in order to wow Virginia home buyers? A good first impression is crucial to potential purchasers. If you give them what they won’t, there’s a good chance they’ll stop searching around and choose what you have to offer. But how to upgrade your home and make it look irresistible? With new homes appearing on the market, this game became a rat race. In a hot and competitive housing market, one needs to give his best to win the race. Luckily, we did a little research for you. Without further ado, let’s see which home amenities will take would-be owners’ breath away.

Flooring ideas

Quality flooring in a home is a must but not enough to delight Virginia home purchasers. What can you do to get a smile on their faces? Have floors refinished, make them gleam, and adorn them with carpets and rugs, esp. cushy rugs, but don’t overdo it. And don’t forget to choose a rug that will match your floor type. Give a good cleaning to underfoot in the whole house, or better said, make the whole house sparkle. 

Man and woman selling carpets at night hours
Tasteful carpets and rugs matching the flooring and furniture will make Virginia home buyers say wow.

Freshen up the paint to wow Virginia home buyers

While freshening up the paint is a must, it is a perfect time for changing the color of the walls, esp. if it’s dull white. Neutral colors are pleasing to the eye and will make potential Virginia home purchasers mellow out. In our experience, these are the best:

  • warm grey, cream, and beige
  • sage grey
  • pale yellow
  • soft green
  • tan
  • lilac
  • mauve
  • teal
  • off-white with a pink undertone

Make entrance welcoming

Thinking that entrance is simply a space leading into a house is where people make a mistake. Each corner in a home should look homey without an exception. Besides, we mentioned the importance of the first impression, and what is the first thing you see upon entering a house? To upgrade it, place comfortable chairs or a sofa with legs (add some cushions) for future owners and visitors to take their shoes. Furthermore, put clothes racks, and with the right choice of the rug, everything can look nicer.

Might sound trivial but will wow Virginia home buyers

After a quick declutter of a house before selling, have someone install a ceiling fan. You’d be surprised how much this feature is desirable among home buyers. On broad, people enjoy more in ceiling fan making a wind-chill effect because it’s more natural than an air conditioner. Moreover, having a ceiling fan means lower cooling costs. But first, make sure that the ceiling height in a room is at least eight feet before installing it.

Virginia home buyers will simply love a spacious kitchen

Having an eat-in kitchen is an enormous advantage that will thrill Virginia home buyers. It’s not just the dining place, you know. In many TV shows, you could see kids doing homework at the kitchen table, or in the case of Karmela Soprano, listing the magazines and ordering products. If you don’t have this commodity, removing a wall to create space is relatively inexpensive and will increase the value of a house.

We suggest making all repairs and changes before you engage a team of professionals for moving long-distance after you’ve sold your home. Of course, putting a house on the market should come after you’ve made all the necessary changes.

A kitchen with a black dining table and four chairs symbolizing what is appealing to Virginia home buyers
Virginia home buyers are attracted to a kitchen having a table and chairs or a bar counter and stools.

Give them a walk-in closet

There’s no such thing as too much space for one’s clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. These things are simply piling up until you don’t know where to store them. For that reason, a walk-in closet is rather desirable among Virginia real estate buyers, esp. among couples. If not owning one, upgrading a closet by installing shelving units and hanging rods will do the thing.

A master bathroom is quite desirable among Virginia home buyers

A spacious, spa-like bathroom is highly appreciated among home hunters. If not having a master bathroom, there are still things you can do to upgrade it. You can go for the affordable bathroom remodel ideas and give it a fresh look. How? First, change towels, rugs, and shower curtains into plush white versions. Second, hang a huge mirror on the wall. The bigger, the better. Last, don’t hesitate to put on some candles or decorate the bathroom a bit. By doing so, would-be buyers can instantly visualize themselves living there. Details are important. Giving a homey appearance to each room is crucial for people to feel connected to a house and to be able to picture themselves owning it.

Let’s not forget outdoor features

Outdoor features are almost as equally important as indoor features. We’re now coming to a close of our discussion on simple upgrades that will Virginia real estate seekers adore. We recommend browsing fairfaxtransfer.com and getting a free moving estimate once we’ve finished. Thus you can start planning a budget as you’ll need money both for upgrading an old home and moving to the new one.

An outdoor space

A front porch, patio, wooden deck, well-manicured, doesn’t matter. An outdoor living space, spacious or not, is one of the most coveted features.

A patio with a table, six chairs, and palm trees
Having an outdoor living space enables would-be owners to be outside without really leaving a house.

Exterior lighting is mesmerizing

Speaking of desirable outdoor features, spotlights, pendant lights, and the rest take position number one. Exterior lighting will instantly grab the attention of Virginia home hunters and don’t forget to emphasize that it’s also a safety feature for a home.

Hello sunshine!

Leaving a couple of windows ‘naked’ and choosing light-filtering curtains to let the sunshine in is what Virginia home buyers will appreciate. The perks of this range from boasting one’s mood to greater enthusiasm when working, doing homework, and so on.

We hope out tips have been helpful. Good luck!