Why retirees are buying homes in Trinity, FL

As you get older, you want to live in a constantly sunny place where you can relax and not worry. And, of course, Florida fits the description perfectly. But picking a city in Florida is difficult – there are too many suitable options for your golden year’s lifestyle. Lucky for you, World RealEstate Directory is here to come to the rescue! Let’s see why retirees are buying homes in Trinity, FL, and why you should do the same! 

Why spend your golden years in the Sunshine State? 

You have heard that everybody retires in Florida, but do you know why they do it? What is so special about the Sunshine State? Before we get into why you should spend your golden years in Trinity, let’s take a look at the main reasons behind them buying property in this charming little town.

The main reasons why retirees are buying homes in Trinity, FL

  • First, the weather in Florida is only sun, sun, sun. It carries the nickname – Sunshine State because it has 237 sunny days a year. It has only 28 inches of rain per year which is lower than the national average of 55 inches. Finally, there is no snowfall in Florida, not a single snowflake. You can say goodbye to shoveling snow, which gets dangerous as you age. 
  • Second, and probably the main reason many retirees run to Florida, is that it is tax-friendly for seniors. There is no state income tax, so if you decide to work and earn some extra cash in your retirement, the state will not take any of it. In addition, the Florida government does not tax your Social Security, IRA, or 401K. Finally, there is no inheritance tax or estate tax. So make a perfect packing plan and come to Florida to take advantage of all the tax benefits 
  • Third, as we already said, the Sunshine State is popular with seniors, so you will not struggle to find friends. About 20% of Florida’s population is 65 and over. 
  • Finally, if you want to be the favorite grandparents to your grandchildren, come to Florida because of Disneyland. 

elderly woman using smart phone and card
Since you get to keep most of your pension income, you do not have to live frugally in Florida, treat yourself!

However, considering your age you should definitely not go about moving to this state alone. What bigmansmoving.com suggest is that you equip yourself with professional interstate movers. Preferably ones that specialize in senior moving. Having them around means you needn’t worry about lifting heavy or burden yourself with relocation planning.

General facts about Trinity, FL 

Trinity is a small town in Pasco County, and about 11,000 people live there. This small town got its name from Trinity College of Florida when it moved to the area in the 1980s. Trinity is not very diverse, as about 92% of its population is white. The second most present group is Hispanics or Latino, who make up 6% of the population. 

You will be happy to find out that you will have plenty of company when you move to Trinity because 23% of the population is above 65% years old. You will also have plethora of chances to do fun activities with your pears in Trinity. As far as the actual relocation is concerned, local experts can help you settle in when you find the home. Their experts know Pasco County and Trinity well and will not struggle to move you in no matter how challenging the move is.

Elderly couple hugging  and smiling
As to why retirees are buying homes in Trinity, well it might be because there are a lot of seniors there with whom they can make friendships.

Retirees are buying homes in Trinity because of the costs of living 

The costs of living are about the same in Trinity as is in the rest of Florida, which is great since Florida is very affordable. What is less expensive compared to the rest of Florida is transportation. This comes as no surprise as, in general, Trinity is a small town.

What costs more than Florida in Trinity are homes. The median home cost in Trinity is 309,000-dollars which is 14,000-dollars more expensive than the Florida average. But even though properties in Trinity are a little bit more expensive, there are worth buying because of three reasons. 

  • The first reason why retirees are buying homes in Trinity, FL is that home appreciation in Trinity has risen by 23% percent. 
  • The second reason is that 90% of the people living in Trinity own their homes and 5% rent. In addition, there is less than 1% of homes available for rent. With such a small selection, you will not be able to find a perfect home. 
  • Finally, homes in Trinity are new and are only about 15-years old, which means you will be purchasing top-quality real estate. 

a blue house with light turned on
Many homes in Trinity are not that old, making them a solid purchase.

So get a reliable real estate agent, tell them what you need, and buy a home in Trinity fast. 

Retirees are buying homes in Trinity because of the location 

As with any real estate, the only meaningful word is location, and it is the same in Trinity. Besides the quality of homes in Trinity, seniors also buy homes here because of the town’s position. There are two benefits of Trinity’s location.

  • First, Trinity is close to the beach. You are less than 15-miles away from the cost, and you can pack and start swimming in under an hour. The best beaches near Trinity are Sunset Beach and Honeymoon Island State Park. 
  • Second, Trinity is close to Tampa. Tampa is around 30-miles away from Trinity. You can reach it under 50-minutes by FL-589 Toll N. When your grandchildren come to visit, you can take them to Florida Aquarium in Tampa, where they see many over 8,000 animals. And if your grandchildren are bold enough, take them to the Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay, where they can zip line. But we recommend you skip this activity and just watch your grandkids have fun. 

Trinity’s location can offer something for you and your grandchildren, that is why seniors buy property there. 


As you can see above, there are plenty of reasons why retirees are buying homes in Trinity, FL. If you are convinced, what are you waiting for? Relocate there and buy a house in an affordable rural town with access to big city life in Tampa.