Will moving companies move plants?

During every relocation process, there are a lot of things to do and manage. Especially, when you have a lot of belongings to relocate. Keep in mind that you are about to leave your current place and still you are looking to relocate all of your belongings. For every relocation process, hiring a moving company can be really helpful. Not only that movers will transport your belongings, but they can also assist you in packing and preparing everything for your relocation. The major question is will moving companies move plants? So, what you should know?

Do moving companies move plants?

In order to better understand and prepare properly for your upcoming relocation, we would like to define this major question in the mere beginning. When we talk about whether moving companies move plants, the answer, in most cases, is that they do not. The reasons why this is the case are many. The main reason is that the plants are in the category of belongings which are forbidden for transport. Also, plants are very fragile and it can be a real risk to transport them inside a van or a moving truck. On the other hand, you should still contact a moving company for your other belongings. Keep in mind that when you pick the right moving assistance, everything will be easier. But, what you should do with your plants?

A red "X" sign symbolizing the fact that movers mostly do not move plants.
Moving plants is forbidden for various reasons.

Plan every step for your upcoming relocation

Since it is going to be a hard thing to find movers who will relocate your plants, still you can organize things yourself. The first step is to create a moving plan. Be sure that when you have a plan, you will organize all the things easier and in a smooth way. Inside your plan, you should define how many plants you have and all their names. In this way, it will be easier for you to pack them later and to separate them into categories.

Define your budget

Another thing which you should define in your plan is the budget situation. Do not forget that it is an important thing to set your budget on time. In this way, you will know how to separate the costs. Also, you can see if there are ways in which you can cut costs. Keep in mind that moving your house on a budget can be really helpful. By saving money, you can invest it in other things.

Find packing materials which will help you to protect the plants

Since we have revealed the fact whether moving companies move plants, you realize now that it is on you to organize. If you are going to relocate them, the plants should be protected in the safest way. For example, you can get free moving boxes that can secure them properly. The most important thing is to pack them properly and make sure that they are transported in the right way.

An open cardboard box.
Get free boxes for your plants.

Even if moving companies will not move plants, you can find a way to transport them

In the end, when we know the answer to the question will moving companies move plants, you see that there are still ways to organize your relocation. Also, do not forget that a moving company can help you with other belongings and the rest of the things in your moving process!