10 tips to feel at home in your new apartment

After moving to a new apartment, it is hard to feel at home. Moving is not over after transporting the boxes. With these tips, you will feel at home in your new apartment faster than you think.

How to feel at home in your new apartment after moving?

Remember these simple 10 steps and settling into a new apartment will be easy peasy, even if the apartment is small. After all, there are many perks of living in a small apartment.

An empty apartment.

A new apartment is like a blank sheet

#1 Unpack big items first

In an apartment with unpacked boxes, you can’t relax and feel at home. So, start with big pieces of furniture such as a bed where you will sleep. Pillows, clean linens, make your bed, and start setting your sofa. HMS Van Lines, Inc. may help you with good packing supplies.

#2 Clean

Clean the entire apartment and keep it clean. An apartment filled with clutter cannot be a place where you will relax. It is the first step to making your home cozy. Also, wash towels, sheets, pillows, etc. If the apartment is furnished, deep clean that furniture too.

#3 Hang art

Arts can make feel at home. Pictures, sculptures decorations, and of course, family photos. White, bland walls will give you a cold feeling. To make a warm and cozy home, pay attention to details. If you had art pieces in your old apartment, hang them.

#4 Prepare the bathroom

Bring the home spa and relax. Light some candles, get all the products you are using often. Shampoo, your favorite shower gel, etc. After a long and exhausting move, you should relax, and this will help you. Also, you will not feel like you are in a hotel.

#5 Don’t buy too many new items

New apartment, you will want to buy new furniture. But, don’t buy too many. Your old furniture will make you feel at home in your new apartment. The new location is already a big change.

#6 Cook something

Not only you will have a home cook meal, but also the smell of cooking will make the apartments your home. The smell of cookies, coffee, tea, pie, pizza, whatever you like to eat and reminds you of childhood.

Relaxing with a cup of coffee.

You can make something simple, such as coffee

#7 Pay attention to colors and lightening

Decorate your home with pastels, use bright colors, play with lighting. Dark apartments will look smaller and not warm and welcoming. Fluorescents lights are not a good idea.

#8 Host a diner

After renovating and decorating is over, invite your family and friends over dinner to show them a new apartment. Having people you love there, will make your apartment “live”. Also, you will relax a little bit and have a good time.

#9 Add plants

Green colors and plants reduce stress and give a home a nice, fresh touch. It will immediately look warmer. Choose flowers with vibrant colors, big green plants, and decorate a new apartment.

#10 Adopt a pet

Having a dog or a cat or fish, and petting your pet provides a strong sense of social support. Knowing that someone is waiting for you will make you feel at home in your new apartment.