6 things about South Point even locals don’t know

If you have the opportunity to live in Miami Beach, you should not waste that chance! This part of Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, lots of entertainment options, etc. And if you want to begin a new chapter in a beautiful property near the coast and experience a relaxed lifestyle, you will have plenty of reasons to relocate to Miami Beach. And one of the best spots for living in this area is, for sure, South Point! Here, you will enjoy a great environment, the company of friendly people, beautiful weather, and so much more. Still, if you are wondering what else makes this place so attractive, you should continue reading this text to find out! Here, you’ll discover 6 things about South Point Point even locals don’t know!

1 – Beautiful homes

This is something you’ll see the moment you arrive in South Point! And since this neighborhood is home to stunning Art Deco properties, it is no wonder why you’ll probably spend lots of time picking the most suitable residence for yourself. And instead of asking locals for help with choosing one, get yourself a good real estate agent. Also, when getting a property here, be aware of the unexpected Florida first-time home buyer costs, learn how to prepare for the house hunt, etc

A woman is walking and discovering things about South Point even locals don't know.

In South Point, you will have lots of amazing things to see and do!

2 – So, where are the best beaches? That is one of the things about South Point even locals don’t know

Even though South Point is not a big space, it has lots to offer. And if you like spending time outdoors and enjoying great weather, you should know that you will never be bored in this part of Miami Beach. Still, to find yourself the best place where you can enjoy water activities, talk to locals. For sure, they’ll suggest checking out South Pointe Beach, South Pointe Park Pier, etc. But, you should also explore this area on your own. For example, you can see what South Point has to offer when it comes to activities such as fishing, kayaking, etc.

Still, when you become a resident, you will have plenty of time at your disposal for exploring beaches in South Point. So, instead of worrying about that, prepare yourself for a relocation. You see, to move like a pro, you should know that experts are at your service. Thanks to local movers, you can complete this moving project in no time. They have pretty much everything you might require to complete your move with ease. Keep that in mind, because with the help of movers from South Point, you can transfer your belongings to your new home without hassle. 

3 – South Point also has lots of hidden gems

You see, this part of Miami Beach is not a typical oceanfront neighborhood! South Point is known for this beauty, and locals might not be aware of that after all that time. But, when you come here, everywhere you go, you’ll see stunning Art Deco architecture, you’ll enjoy great views, a safe environment, amazing nightlife opportunities, etc. And when you relocate here, you will have enough time to see what every corner of this neighborhood has to offer. And thanks to those little adventures and apps that can help you deal with homesickness after you move in, you will be able to get used to the new surroundings in no time!

Place in Miami Beach.

As you can see, there are lots of things about South Point even locals don’t know!

4 – Prepare to explore nearby locations as well

Even though you will have lots of fun in South Point, you will also have lots of things to see and do in other parts of Miami Beach as well. So, what to do in Miami Beach? For instance, whenever you can you should come to Flamingo/Lummus, explore City Center, go to Bayshore, etc. All those incredible locations will blow your mind. You’ll enjoy the company of lots of tourists, have a chance to try delicious food, enjoy great music, etc. 

Also, come to Miami! This is another amazing place worth checking out, especially if you are a newcomer. Here, you’ll have a chance to introduce yourself to Cuban culture, check out world-class restaurants, see lots of attractions and activities, and more. Miami is quite close to South Point, so you can come whenever you want. To reach Miami, it is highly recommended that you try a few transportation options to determine which one will suit you the most. Do that because the locals might not know how to help you with that.

5 – Locals don’t know that some of the best restaurants in Miami are located in South Point

You see, in South Point, there are lots of dining options. Therefore, you can expect to run into lots of restaurants that serve seafood, Greek cuisine, Peruvian, and more. Of course, locals will suggest where to eat, but if you need some ideas, here are a few options:

  • The Lobster Shack
  • RED South Beach

Anyhow, when you become a resident, you’ll have plenty of time to properly check out all restaurants in South Point. So, instead of worrying about that, focus on moving in. Have a plan for unpacking, and rearranging furniture, come up with some ideas for bringing more natural light into your home, and so on. Thanks to that, you’ll settle down in no time. And when you do that, prepare yourself for trying delicious meals in restaurants in South Point. For sure, you’ll like to try all types of seafood, you’ll enjoy a fantastic atmosphere, etc.

A bar.

Amusement options in South Point will blow your mind!

6 – South Point also has lots of speakeasies

Also, when it comes to entertainment opportunities, you should know that in South Point, you’ll enjoy your time in many amazing pubs and clubs. But you’ll have a chance to see what Speakeasies has to offer as well. And even if locals can’t help you find one, you won’t have any trouble discovering them on your own. Go online and do a little homework, and in no time, you’ll see what South Point has to offer when it comes to speakeasies. You see, these bars are known for their great music, drinks, etc. There, you’ll have a good time, you can meet people, and so on. Again, there are lots of speakeasies in Miami Beach. So, that is for sure one of the things about South Point that even locals don’t know. Therefore, when you move here, prepare to explore them!