Apps that can help you deal with homesickness

Moving away from your home may be exciting. But, regardless of the reason for the relocation, at some point, you may feel homesick. After all, leaving familiar surroundings, as well as family and friends, isn’t an easy thing to do. So, if you’re feeling homesick after the relocation, don’t worry, that’s okay. Plus, there are many things you can do to feel better. Here are some apps that can help you deal with homesickness.

How to recognize homesickness?

You need to know that homesickness usually doesn’t come on the very first day or weeks after the relocation. Months can pass by in your new surrounding after moving out of your parents’ house without you feeling blue or missing the old home. Once you come to a new place, everything is so strange, and you just don’t have time to relax and think about emotions. Your focus in those first days is on other things. But, then, you may start feeling anxious, or sad without any specific reason. Or you may feel like you’re missing something, and that’s when you are homesick. 

Homesickness can happen in different forms, but you need to know how to recognize it and deal with it in peaceful surroundings. And below, you will find apps that can help you deal with homesickness.

Social media apps.

These are the most used social media apps that can help you deal with homesickness.

Apps that can help you deal with homesickness – Skype and Facetime

Install Skype and have a chat with anyone around the world from your new home. So, you can see the faces and hear the voices of those you left behind anytime. Skype is a great app that will make missing your people a little bit less painful. And for iPhone owners, Facetime does the same, yet it only connects with other Facetime users.


So, after you learn how to unpack efficiently after moving, contact your loved ones. Facebook is the universal social network app around the globe and a great tool for combating homesickness. Keeping up with your family, friends, and even your parents is easy when you can check their status anytime. Also, this is a great app to develop new friendships and keep in touch with people in your current area. So, make sure you try it.

The navigation app. This is also one of the apps that can help you deal with homesickness.

Apps are handy when getting around the new city!

Mapping Apps 

Being lost in a new city is not nice. Plus, one of the biggest reasons ex-pats feel homesick is because they don’t feel comfortable in the new environment. So, if you have a plan for exploring a new city, have a few apps that help you understand the local bus and train system. It will keep you from being constantly lost and reducing frustration. Also, download some mapping apps. They are especially helpful when you don’t speak the local language and can’t ask for directions. 

Apps that can help you deal with homesickness – WhatsApp

We live in an era where text messages are a part of how people communicate. And WhatsApp makes living far from your loved ones and sending emoticons and short conversations back to home easier. So, it’s a great or homesick ex-pat. The biggest reason why this app is great is that it works anywhere your smartphone is connected to the internet. So, it’s easy and free to send messages anywhere in the world.