The best real estate markets in 2017

If you are new to the world of real estate you might feel a little bit overwhelmed. Oh, let´s be honest, this even happens to the veterans. The market is risky and changing and it seems like you can never get a hold of it. But, although the fluctuation is very present, there are still some things that are stable. If you are looking into buying property in the United States you should know what the best real estate markets are.

What are the best real estate markets in 2017

Take into consideration what the experts are saying before you take any decisions

You know better than anyone what your preferences are when it comes to your new home, but you should take into consideration what are the best real estate markets. If your preferences and the market collide, you are in luck. But what decides what market is the best? Well, the experts say that there are two things you should look for: affordability and growth. That means that if you invest in some of these markets, there is a greater chance you will get a good return. Also, you won´t be taking such a huge risk.

So, what are the best real estate markets in 2017?

We will get into the specifics, but overall, it seems like the Southern half of the country has taken the lead. There are also a couple of states that show promising results when it comes to real estate market such as Dallas, that is currently in the first place. You should also pay special attention to the Sunshine state, that still holds her ground when it comes to best real estate markets. There is another state that wasn’t hit so hard after the financial crisis, and that is Texas. The southerners came back to their feet in no time. A significant increase has been noted when it comes to the number of people moving to this state.

One thing that is interesting is that, usually, popular places don’t rank high on the list of the best real estate markets. Places like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C. are considered nor stable nor affordable. That is why when it comes to settling down people usually choose smaller places with bigger opportunities.

How should I choose my new home?

Like we have previously mentioned, there are various criteria to have in mind when it comes to this. Perhaps you don’t even have the possibility to choose. But if you do, there are things that will help you. You should look for the place that isn’t just short term and where you can stay longer. That is why creators of lists usually have in mind the economic situation, the general welfare and an average income. All these things are part of the decision because they influence the life of any new comer.

Another thing that is important are the living costs. Perhaps the salaries are high but so are the costs. That means that that market isn’t very good. The best real estate markets also have very affordable housing and don’t lack quality. Sometimes, experts know to predict which markets will be hot in the upcoming season. There is a whole science behind it, so if you are interested, you can learn more here.

Can I get some examples on what are the best real estate markets now?

Well, yes of course! Although every person has different preferences there are some places that offer overall better conditions. We haven’t looked at the specifics such as ethnicity, dominant culture, distance from the sea and the number of baseball clubs. You can look all that up later. Let’s just take a look at the economics and housing.

One of the best real estate markets is located in Florida

If we are talking about the Sunshine state people always think about San Diego, Miami etc. And although those places are great, they are not the best ones to place an investment. But, if you are looking for good weather and amazing beaches, you don’t have to go far. In addition to that, you can get good job opportunities and low housing prices. Take a look at Jacksonville, Cape Coral and Daytona Beach. Yes, the weather is an important factor. But so is the blooming economy! Also, this part of the country is very safe when it comes to natural disasters. When it comes to Florida don’t forget to check out Tampa as well. There are many projects going on, and with the Universities nearby you can’t go wrong.

Another booming real estate market is located in Texas

what are the best real estate markets

Check out great conditions that you can find in Texas

Perhaps sunny Florida really isn’t your cup of tea. In that case head on over to San Antonio, Texas. One of the things that make this place so stable is that it is home to one of the biggest military bases in the U.S. That means only one thing – there is a very big need for different jobs. Connected with this is the need for new homes. Living cost is very low and that makes this city very attractive. If you are looking for jobs in different sectors you don’t have to look far because companies like Toyota and H-E-B offer a lot of opportunities. In addition to all of this, the rich culture and history this city offer attract many enthusiasts.

It is not easy to enter the housing market and to invest into something so big. With such important life decisions, there is always fear and doubt. It is normal to second guess and change your mind. The only way to overcome this feeling is to arm yourself with facts and data. Do your research, make this your project and do your homework. Explore, ask around, look at the facts and numbers. This is a big decision. Don’t take it lightly and think it through. Although there are many companies you can hire first ask your friends for advice. If they went through the same experience, they will be of great help.