Best States on the East Coast for IT Professionals

Your career depends on your determination and skills, but it’s also affected by several important factors. One of them is surely your location – the number of connections, opportunities, and conditions to grow are all predetermined by the place you live and work. That’s why if you’re thinking about moving for work – choose a place that will be a supportive environment for you to grow as a tech expert. To help you narrow your options a little bit, here’s the list of the best states on the East Coast for IT professionals. Choose the one that works the best for you and start making moving plans.

New York

Let’s begin with the most obvious item on this list – the state of New York. The reason is obviously its best-known location, New York City, and all the benefits it offers to IT professionals. The IT industry is huge here, and IT jobs are one of the most paid on the market. There are several reasons you should move here as a developing expert:

  • Opportunities – NYC is the city of opportunities, both professional and social. Young IT professionals have the chance to choose between numerous jobs. Also, they will be in a place where they can make valuable connections and grow socially. On the other hand, NYC is also a city where competition can be an issue. Thus, be sure to stand out in every way possible.
  • Higher salaries – IT professionals earn more in the state of New York, and that’s one of the perks of working in this part of the country. However, living in NYC comes with higher costs of living as well. Luckily, this can be partially avoided by moving a bit away from the city center and learning how to save on common daily expenses.
  • An amazing social scene – probably the best thing about living in the NYC area is its social and entertainment scene. Being the melting pot of people and cultures, it’s a place where you’ll feel welcome wherever you’re coming from. There’s almost nothing you can’t see, try, or experience in the city that never sleeps. Understandably, it’s an advantage not so many cities in the world can offer.
NYC is surely one of the best options for IT professionals.


Going a bit south you’ll find the mix of southern hospitality and tech development that make a perfect match for all the IT professionals looking for a new home. Virginia is slowly becoming a tech hub in this part of the world. There are numerous companies that are spreading their branches in this direction. The high-quality education system in Virginia provides a strong and educated workforce. This is useful information for all those starting a business or looking for partners in the IT industry.

Virginia also boasts a great strategic location. Its central position creates easy access to other parts of the country, but also to the world. Traveling and doing business is relatively easy when living in Virginia, which is why many professionals choose to make it their new home. Finally, Virginia is one of the most business-friendly states in the country. It is stable, welcoming and makes it easy for companies to move their offices and headquarters right here on the East Coast. When it comes to IT professionals, they often choose some of the best-paying cities such as Alexandria, Arlington, Dulles, Manassas, and Herndon. All of these include several IT companies that are welcoming software engineers from all over the world.

A building in Arlington, Virginia.
Virginia is a good option for IT professionals.

As a professional in your own industry, you should know the value of trusting an expert to do a job you don’t have time or skill for. Choosing Virginia as your new home is the beginning of the moving process which includes several important tasks. From finding a suitable home to transferring the moving boxes to the door – trust experts to make the process simple and safe. Local realtors know the market well and will be able to easily match your budget and priorities with a suitable property. Transporting your items is a challenging task as well. Hence, be sure to enlist the help of specialists from the local market. This guarantees a safer move, but also lower relocation costs.

New Jersey

The proximity to New York and Virginia makes New Jersey a logical addition to the list of the best states on the East Coast for IT professionals. The Garden State has become a hub for IT services and financial technology. This is supported by the leading education system and stable economy which attracts many local and international companies to make New Jersey their headquarters. The busiest IT industry locations in the state include New Brunswick, Newark, and Jersey City which offer various jobs from the industry.

Jersey City in New Jersey, one of the best states on the East Coast for IT professionals.
Jersey City is one of the cities in New Jersey that offer various opportunities in the IT field.

When it comes to making New Hersey your home, there are a couple of things you should know. Even though it’s more affordable than living in NYC, New Jersey is not one of the cheapest locations on the East Coast. The cost of living is a bit higher than the national average – but so are salaries in the IT industry. The location of the state makes it easy and convenient to communicate with other neighboring cities and states. For example, it’s easy to reach Manhattan whether you use public transportation or your own car and travel around the state for daily trips as well. New Jersey is one of those states where there’s always something to do. Its coastline is known for beautiful beaches and places like Cape May are very popular for weekend getaways.

East Coast welcomes you

These are the best states on the East Coast for IT professionals. But, how do you choose the right one for you? Well, the personal factor is very strong here. Sometimes, even the best conditions won’t make you feel welcome and able to show your skills. Choose the new home according to your preferences, both professional and social, as these factors work together for success. Your new home should be the place where you feel safe and eager to grow your career while enjoying life and making the most out of this life chapter.