Best U.S. cities to live in if you love outdoor activities

There are multiple reasons why outdoor activities are important. We always feel at ease after spending some time outside. And now, with the Pandemic going, on we think people finally understood the beauty of it. Not only beauty but also the benefits of spending time outside rather than in some closed space. Running and hiking are great cardio exercises. Camping or pickings are also amazing. You can use them to bond more with people you care about and spend some time in nature. Thus, if you are a nature lover and you are planning your upcoming move, here are the best U.S. cities to live in if you love outdoor activities.

What are the best U.S. cities to live in if you love outdoor activities?

Outdoor activities could have a great impact on your health. They can improve, both physical and mental health. So don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of some of the U.S. cities to live in if you’re a fan of outdoor activities.

Outdoor activities in Seattle, Washington

This is one of the cities that always ends up first on this type of list. It’s surrounded by water, which makes it perfect for those who love water sports. If you like quick trips, you can visit Mount Rainier or the San Juan Islands. If you like riding a bike, you can visit the Burke-Gilman Trail. For hiking enthusiasts, there is a lot of amazing places such as the Mt Si trailhead. If you just want to take a relaxing stride down the shore we suggest Discovery Park. The city also offers a steady job market, highly rated schools, and low air pollution.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco might sound too urban and business-oriented, but it’s also an amazing place for people who enjoy outdoor activities. You can enjoy surfing if you like water sports, or hiking the trails at Fort Funston. If you like riding a bike then the Golden Gate Bridge is a great location for it. San Francisco also offers a strong and steady market for both jobs and housing as well as really good weather.

Golden Gate Bridge is great for outdoor activities

San Francisco is a great place for both young professionals and those who love outdoor activities!

Colorado Springs, Colorado

The city is located at the base of the Rocky Mountains and its residents can enjoy the fresh air. Colorado Springs takes the crown when it comes to low air pollution. Because of the breathtaking nature, this place is also very popular for athletes, especially because it offers amazing natural training grounds. Because of the great weather and elevation, people get to enjoy so many outdoor activities which improve their health and life quality.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Aloha! Honolulu is the biggest city in Hawaii and also the capital. It offers pretty much everything – from interesting historic landmarks to amazing entertainment and restaurants. However, it has that amazing island vibe and represents a true paradise on earth. In case you are interested to relocate, here’s a guide to help you out. If you want your days filled with sun and beautiful scenery such as Waikiki Beach, then Honolulu is the perfect spot for you!


Welcome to Honolulu, an absolute paradise on earth!

Always find time for outdoor activities

No matter which city you choose, make sure to always include outdoor activities in order to maintain your health.