How to make working from home possible?

Whether it’s been a long time dream of yours or you’ve just come up with the idea, working from home can be fun and tricky all at the same time. Like everything, it has it’s good and bad qualities. If done right, it can bring you some much needed joy and serenity. You’ll be much closer to your kids while also saving on the gas you’d need to get to work. Time is money, and this way you’ll save a bit of both.

How to organize your space when working from home

This can be quite a delicate subject to consider for you’ll presumably be spending a lot, if not a majority of your time in this space. You can find a lot of ideas online by typing in a few key words that will make what you’re looking for ideal for you. If you have some friends that are good with interior or are, better yet, designers, you can ask them to help out. It also might be a good idea to go and look around places like Ikea for some new home decor trends.

A good thing to keep in mind that your office space doesn’t need to take up your whole room. You can remake a half or a corner of a room and still use the rest to your liking. Just consider the fact that you will need some peace and quiet to be able to work from home, so don’t make it a kid’s playroom.

A home office in a corner of a room.

Save space with an office in a corner of the room while working from home.

Make the space feel like an office

There are quite a few things that can make or break the desired atmosphere while getting work done at home. First of all, you have to understand the importance of having a clutter-free office. Secondly, it’s smart to try and achieve a sense of professionalism, and it doesn’t have to be hard either:

  • Desk
    Arrange the space so that your furniture be faced towards the light. This is especially important when we’re talking about using just a corner or a part of your room.
  • Chair
    When working from home, you’ll need a chair that is neither too comfy nor too stiff. Otherwise you’ll end up falling asleep or, even worse, with a bad back. And nobody want’s that.
  • You do you
    Get anything that will make the space feel more official for you. Hypothetically speaking, this can mean a variety of things. You may want to be fancy and go for a Newton’s cradle or a big wooden desk. However, you can uplift your home office with some nice plants as well. Some other details that can help are some cool pro pens, calendars and planners, etc. If you want to feel like a real qualified office owner you can also get a landline.
  • Don’t go overboard
    Be aware of the fact that you are working from home, and should enjoy the benefits that come with it from time to time. You can add some homey chairs or sofas for when you’re taking a break, warm lamps and pictures of the people you love.

Organization has to be on point when working from home

Seriously, you’re on your own now, there’s no one to push you or tell you that you shouldn’t continue to binge that show. Time management is crucial. This means you mustn’t pile on the work and think you’ll get to it later, because later won’t be a good time either. Be wary of the length of your lunch and family time breaks. Don’t let things get out of hand just because you’re working from home.
If you’re really bad at estimating the time it takes you to do the workload that you have, consider hiring some assistance. Also, this way you’ll actually get to use the landline.

A girl writing her chores in a planner while working from home.

Plan your time out for a more efficient working from home.

Invest in good technology

Good Internet speed is much needed when considering starting your own business. Otherwise, you’ll run into a lot of problems like frozen Skype calls or important documents not going through in time. These things have a way of happening at the worst possible time as well, so avoid the struggle by having a strong Internet connection.

You should also consider investing in a good PC and maybe a Bluetooth headset. With this, you’ll be able to do some work while waiting on the line and the rest of your house won’t be forced to listen to your conversations.

It’s important to have some time off

If you don’t give yourself enough time to recruit and recover from all those long hours, the work you do from home will inevitably suffer. You can do a lot of different things during this time to relax and enjoy yourself.

Try exercising to get your blood pumping and stay focused. You can go for a walk with some friends or to a gym if that’s your cup of tea. You can also go swimming if the weather is nice. A lot of these activities can be done at home as well, it just may be better to leave the house and socialize.

It could be fun to have date nights. This doesn’t mean you have to do it with a loved one. You can go to the movies with your friends and family, and even take yourself out and get a kick out of some alone time.Use this time wisely. Don’t sit at your work desk and stare at a dot on the wall until you go insane. Procrastination is for people with fixed work schedules and nagging bosses. If you just sit and do nothing it defeats the whole purpose of working from home. You’ll just end up miserable and definitely not well rested.

You might even want to consider taking a road trip or a vacation to clear your head and get ready for new working endeavours. During this time consider office renting as a way of earning a pretty penny.

Two people hiking in the woods in their free time.

Go for a hike in your free time.

Some advice

Try to not be too hard on yourself because working from home takes some getting used to. After some time has passed and you feel more comfortable with this way of working you’ll start to get a hang of it. Understand also that it’s not for everyone. You can always consider office renting indefinitely if you don’t like it after you’ve given it a fair shot. Don’t beat yourself up over it.