How to choose right packing materials for your move?

When you’re preparing for a relocation, packing is actually one of the most crucial aspects of your move; it’s just something plenty of people disregard. If you take packing for granted, everything will be far more difficult. That’s why we recommend you choose the best possible packing materials for your move on time. And don’t worry – we’ll help you do it right!


Once you begin packing, you will realize two things right away; you’ll have to stack plenty of stuff on top of each other, and you will need proper padding. When you’re moving overseas or somewhere far away and preparing for a long drive; you need to make sure that your stuff won’t shift around in the moving truck too much. There has to be almost zero free space in the box, but you also need to be careful not to overfill them.

If you’re thinking about what you should use as padding, there are plenty of things that can be useful; from professional foam peanuts that movers use to simple sheets of old newspaper. 

Fragile Items

One of the reasons why many people opt for hiring movers is the fact that choosing the best packing materials for your move isn’t always easy; especially when it comes to fragile items. If you hire pros to help you out with this, you’ll have a much easier relocation. However, if you perform the packing on your own – try to avoid packing breakable stuff too tightly. And remember that mirrors, flat-screen TVs, monitors, etc have their own packing methods and materials – like special boxes.

A piece of cardboard with a yellow "Heavy" label.

Make sure you place hefty items in sturdier boxes!

Moving Boxes

Obviously, when it comes to picking packing materials for your move; there’s one category more important than all else. Naturally, we’re talking about your moving boxes. These days, you’ll find plenty of life hacks online, our blog included; some people advise getting free moving boxes if you’re moving on a budget. However, as great as saving money is, we don’t recommend taking hand-me-downs from liquor stores.

These boxes can be of dubious quality, and that’s not something you want if you’re packing valuable items. Instead, turn to moving companies for your packing materials. Chances are that movers like Excalibur Moving and Storage can either sell you the equipment you need or help you find it elsewhere.


By now, you’ve probably realized that packing and unpacking your items takes a lot longer than you’ve bargained for. In that situation, you don’t want to make the relocation any more complicated than it needs to be. And that’s something you can do by choosing the right packing materials for your move. More specifically, we’re talking about labeling.

Cardboard and labeling equipment on a white surface.

Proper labeling is essential for a stress-free relocation!

Buy color-coded labels and meticulously use them while you pack your stuff. Once you arrive at your new home, you’ll see that unpacking everything is far easier when there’s a system to the madness.