How to decide what type of Florida property is right for you

Investing in real estate can be very puzzling if you don’t have a lot of experience. Florida has a flourishing real estate market, and there are several types of properties to choose from. That’s why many people simply don’t know what to choose, and therefore waste a lot of time exploring the market. However, when you know exactly what you want, the search will be much faster and more successful, since you’ll pick the best option there is. For that reason, we prepared a simple guide on deciding what type of Florida property is right for you, and how to pick the most fitting property there is.

Choosing the right property – what’s to know before you start your search

Before you start browsing Florida’s properties, there are certain steps of preparation you need to take. Here’s what to consider before going house-hunting in Florida:

Is location a flexible factor?

One of the main things that affect both price and style of Florida’s property is the location. Depending on where a home is located, you will pay more for less space, and vice versa. Furthermore, if you have a job – you want to live as close to it as possible. And finally, if you’re buying a property to move a business, be careful what you choose. The right location can boost your business a lot, in the same way as a bad location can slow it down.

Remember: The location shouldn’t worry you when moving to Florida. Wherever you’re coming from, Purple Heart Moving Group can help you relocate safely and without any problems. This way you can pick the new home easier, without having to think about the logistics and the cost of your move.

A floor plan that may be helpful to decide what type of Florida property is right for you.
Choosing what type of Florida property is right is not an easy decision, but if you apply all the desirable factors – you’ll get the right answer.


When you need to decide what type of Florida property is right for you, you need to know exactly what you can afford. Certain types of properties are more expensive than others, so be sure to know your limits. Furthermore, it might be harder to get a loan in the Sunshine State, so make sure you take care of your budget as early as possible. Knowing how much you can afford will help you narrow the list and find the perfect property much faster.

Consider your personal wants and needs

It’s easy to find out what type of Florida property is right for you if you set your needs clearly. If necessary, make a list of must-haves and deal breakers you need to consider when property searching. These should include requirements regarding size, style, location, condition, etc. Think about everything you want from a property and start the search for it.

To know what type of Florida property is right for you – find out what’s on the market

Picking the right property is a difficult decision. However, you can make it easier if you know all the details about Florida property types. Finding out pros and cons will surely help you decide what’s the perfect choice for you. To help you out, we decided to present Florida’s properties and reveal some more details about each of them.


Probably the most common type of property in Florida is a condo – the most popular choice among investors. The reason is very simple – they are the most affordable. You can find a condo ar a very affordable price, and also don’t need a lot of money to maintain it in the future.

Another advantage of buying a condo is the location. A condominium can be found almost everywhere, which means you can get better access to some important locations such as downtown or the beach.

However, condos are generally part of condominium associations, which includes certain restrictions. These can vary, so be sure to inform on general rules and restrictions when buying a place like this. Also, you can face the problem of lack of space. Luckily, you can easily ensure the safety of your belongings by renting a storage unit and save a lot of space in your new condo.

An aprtment building.
If you’re looking for an affordable and easy investment – buying a condo might just be the right thing to do.


Another hot choice in Florida’s real estate markets is townhouses. The reason is surely affordability – they require less maintenance and sell at reasonable prices. Most of the outdoor maintenance is done by the homeowner association, which can be both positive and negative. So, if you’re looking for a place to have that house feeling, but want to pay and work less – the townhouse is the right property for you. Just pick the easiest way to settle in your townhouse, and you can enjoy your new home in no time.

Single-family homes

Single-family homes are very desirable among buyers for many different reasons. First of all, these homes are a smart investment. Whether you want to resell or rent it as a holiday home– this type of property will never let you down. Another advantage is privacy – especially when you compare it to a condo. It’s a place where you ill truly feel at home and enjoy your own private space – both indoor and outdoor. So, the type of Florida property is right for you is a single-family home, whether you plan to move to Florida for a longer period of time, or you’re looking for a vacation home.

On the other hand, single-family homes are more expensive – both to purchase and to maintain. The maintenance part requires more money, but also more energy and time, as these homes usually have big gardens, pools, etc.

Beachfront property

A separate type of property in Florida is those that include a view of the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico, or another bay, canal, or river. Even though you’ll pay more for a property like this, the location is absolutely worth it. You can enjoy these amazing views and a short distance to the beach, but also you can easily rent a beachfront property, for a higher price. However, you should be aware of the cons, as well. Beachfront properties a more expensive, and require more maintenance. Also, when it comes to natural disasters – beachfront homes are at the highest risk.

Beachfront property in Florida
If you’re wondering what type of Florida property is right for your family – start browsing some beachfront ones!


Answering the question What type of Florida property is right for you? should be much easier now. Start analyzing your situation, possibilities, and needs, and then jump into Florida’s real estate market. Good luck!