How to handle big furniture pieces when moving out

Every move is complex but there is one aspect of it that can make it quite hard. Moving with large furniture makes the whole process even more complex and stressful. To do this right, you should really know just how to handle big furniture when moving from place to place. They are hard to pack, carry, transport, and manage. So, moving big furniture requires a lot of planning, preparation, and knowledge.┬áBut there are always two options to handle this issue. You can move furniture by yourself in DIY fashion or you can hire professionals to do the job. Let’s learn what to expect either way so you can make the best choice possible.

DIY moving

Let’s be clear about it, you won’t be able to do it entirely on your own. You will need some help with handling big and bulky furniture. So, the best advice is to recruit your friends and family to help you out. If you have some experience in carrying, packing and transporting heavy and bulky items it will be a big advantage. Knowing how to maneuver and rotate big furniture items is crucial. It is also critical to have a sense of its size.

A corner sofa in a room you need how to handle big furniture

Handling bulky furniture requires some knowledge and professional assistance

So make precise measurements of the furniture and the space where it has to go through and put in. Based on that make a plan of how these dig furniture items have to be handled, carried out, and rotated to go through the tight spots. Also, consider disassembly to make its handling easier.

Consider getting some packing and protective materials so you can securely pack and transport furniture parts. For those items that might not fit in your new place plan and find a storage solution for safekeeping.

Using professional help

Professionals have the most experience when it’s time to handle big and bulky furniture. This is an easy solution that may be necessary and that can be expensive. Delegating this responsibility to certified, reputable movers will make your move less stressful. It will also free you to handle all of the other moving tasks. Here is what you can expect from professional movers:

  • They know how to handle big furniture
  • Help with heavy lifting with experience and ease
  • They will minimize the damage that can occur to your furniture
  • Movers will disassemble the furniture with care to make it easier to handle
  • Specialist movers will handle unique and especially difficult furniture with specialty equipment and with great care (pianos, antique pieces, etc)

    The piano is certainly a big, specialty item that you cant handle yourself

Hiring movers to handle your big furniture is logical as they have the know-how. It will put your mind at ease as professionals will have the knowledge and equipment to handle this job right. In this way, you will stay healthy and be safe from injury due to the improper handling of big items. At the same time, your furniture will be well protected and handled with good care.

Prepare on time and save

Ultimately the choice on how to handle big furniture is up to you. You can certainly save some money by doing it DIY but it can be a risky and stressful business. But, if your moving budget can handle it then professional moving help will be a better choice.