Most affordable Atlanta suburbs

One of the main goals among plenty of people when they are relocating is to save as much money as possible. If you are not careful and you don’t care how much you pay for the services, then this mission would be impossible. That is why you need to keep track of everything and do things carefully. Paying full attention to your expenses and obligations is a way to go. When the time comes for you to find a new home, you should find the most affordable neighborhoods, and forget about the luxurious ones. We have a list of the most affordable Atlanta suburbs that can be your guide through this process. Give them a chance, they can offer you everything you need, and many more things.

One of the most affordable Atlanta suburbs is for sure Marietta

Even though this suburb has a population of 60,687 it has the highest overall rate when it comes to living here. Many residents confirm that Marietta is definitely one of the best places to live, in the entire States. There are a lot of restaurants, parks, coffee shops, and all the other things that you need. And due to that, the area feel is quite an urban-suburban mix. Here, the majority of the population rents homes rather than buying them. The median home value is around $310,100 and the median rent is $1,145.

When it comes to crime and safety, you need to know that this is not the safest place on earth, that’s for sure. But crimes don’t happen that often here. So, you won’t have anything to worry about. The majority of the population are young adults, and the number of educated people is high. With that being said, you won’t have to look for a job around Atlanta, since Marietta offers a variety of job positions. If you have children, the quality of education for them will also be very high. Find trustworthy movers like Safari Movers Atlanta and hire them as soon as possible, since with Marietta you won’t make a mistake. You will realize that it will be worth it since you will have an affordable life.

A on the street in one of the most affordable Atlanta suburbs.
Start looking for the most affordable Atlanta suburbs on time.

Another suburb you should check out is Alpharetta

Just a little bit bigger than Marietta, Alpharetta has a population of 66,566. Although it is located in a different county. However, this neighborhood can offer you many great things as well. Here, unlike in Marietta, you will have a dense suburban feel. Also, another significant difference is that in Alpharetta the majority of the residents are owners of their own homes. The median rent is $1,464 and the median home value is $447,400. But believe it or not, it is still considered one of the most affordable suburbs in Atlanta.

Crime and safety are fine here, it is not the safest place, but crimes don’t happen often. Here, the majority of the residents are elder than in Marietta, but there are of all ages. And everyone is accepted so you won’t have anything to worry about. Think about if you should rent or buy a home in Atlanta. There are many things to consider, so do it before you choose your suburb.

Sugar Hill is also the affordable one

Before you make your final decision, you should know that there are three more neighborhoods to check out. And one of them is Sugar Hill. This suburb is quite smaller than the previous two. The number of inhabitants as well – 23,994. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Residents here have a moderate political view, and they are feeling is quite rural. There are many parks and restaurants around. Here, the median home value is $249,300 and the median rent is $1,195. Because of that, 83% of people own their homes rather than renting them. Once you decide if this is the place for you, let local experts help you. Moving and relocating will be easy with them.

Landscape view of Atlanta.
Find a suburb that will be close to the city.

Smaller can be better

Now, there is an even smaller suburb of only 16,003 residents to think of. Buford is one of the most affordable Atlanta suburbs where people can enjoy in a calm and relaxed lifestyle. The area feels dense suburban, and you can see many various parks and places to relax around. It is a perfect family place, so if you have children, or you plan on having them, this place is for you. And like in the majority of other suburbs, the residents are owners of their homes. See what is the popular home style over there so you can fit in.

Last but not least one of the most affordable Atlanta suburbs is Peachtree City

This suburb is a bit bigger than the previous two with a population of 35,844. It is also one of the favorite places people choose to live in Georgia. The area feels sparse suburban and since the home value is quite low, the majority are owners of their own homes. There are a lot of parks and everything you need is nearby. Residents here tend to lean conservative. Find those movers so you can choose one of the options above. If you have children, you should know that the public schools here are highly rated. And overall, it is a very safe suburb with a low crime rate. Young adults and adults are the majority of the population and a lot of them are highly educated. Getting a job here maybe won’t be easy, but there are options that are always open.

Beautiful home in a suburb.
Living in suburbs has so many advantages.

There are other obligations waiting for you

When you are looking for the most affordable Atlanta suburbs, you need to take your time. You can’t decide anything overnight. But at the same time, you can’t leave this unresolved for a longer period of time. There are plenty of other obligations you will have to do and think of. Relocation is a complex process, and a timeline is needed. Now that you have a list of the suburbs that you should think of, you only need to choose. Marietta might be the best option, but in the end, you are the one deciding.