Plan for exploring a new city

When you settle down after your relocation, you will probably want to start exploring a new city. Still, if you are alone in the new place, you may struggle on how to begin. Especially if you moved from a small town too a much bigger one, with many attractions. Deciding on how to start exploring a new city may be more overwhelming than you think. This is why this guide can come in handy.

First, take care of any unfinished business

If you were using the services of professional movers like Tik Tok Inc. then your things should be arriving at your new home without any damages. Still, if you didn’t purchase the unpacking services, there will be a lot of boxes lying around your new place.

Unpacking them should be the first thing on your agenda. You’re maybe inpatient to start exploring a new city and discovering all its charms. However, returning back to the home that is filled with unpacked boxes isn’t a good plan. You should tackle this pesky assignment as soon as possible. When you unpack your moving boxes and place your stuff on their place, you will feel more comfortable in your new home. Surrounding yourself with your familiar household items will also give you the sense that this new place is truly your new home.

If you delay this chore, it can stretch out for ages. Tackling it right after your move is the most effective plan. When you take the unpacking task out of your mind, you can enjoy your new city without something hanging over your head. After that, all it’s left is to clean your new home like a professional which will be easy if you follow some tips and tricks.

A clean and tidy room - Before exploring a new city, unpack your boxes and clean your home.

Once your home is squeaky clean and your things are in its places, your home will feel more like your own.

Don’t let the homesick to get better of you

Of course, you will miss the town where you grow up. That is a totally normal and common feeling. Even if you didn’t actually like it, you will feel homesick. Still, giving in into this feeling is a slippery slope. The post-relocation depression can creep up easily and paralyze you from enjoying the benefits of your move. If you notice that homesick is overwhelming you, these things can help you to feel better:

  • Call your loved ones – If the people that you left behind is what miss you the most, give them a call. A supportive family member or close friend is the person that will help you to overcome the loneliness that you may feel. Remember – you are maybe far from your loved ones, but they are only a phone call away. Still, avoid people that radiate with negativity. Hearing “I told you so” at this moment won’t be beneficial when you’re coping with post-relocation depression. Focus on calling the people that were supportive about your move.
  • Watch your favorite TV show or read a book – While you’re unpacking your things, you won’t have time for exploring a new city. Being cooped up in your home during this process can bring feelings of homesick and loneliness. In order to break this circle, take a break from unpacking from time to time. Reading a book or watching a favorite TV show for an hour or two will take your mind of those emotions.
  • Remember the positive sides of your relocation – Since moving is a huge decision, you must have great reasons for it. Repeat them in your head. It will help you to stay positive and convinced that this was the right step in your life.


A depressed girl - Exploring a new city is a good way to fight post-relocation depression.

Don’t let homesick to stop you from enjoying the benefits of your relocation.

Make a plan for exploring a new city

Once you finish unpacking and arranging your new home, it’s time to make a good plan for exploring a new city that you now call your home. Best way to do that is to make a checklist of all the things that you want to visit.

When you make this list, there are a few things that you need to consider:

  • Your budget
  • The free time that you need for every attraction
  • The order of exploring each amenity that you’re interested in

First of all, make a list by prioritizing. The amenities that you interest you the most, should be on the top. Next to them, write down how much money and time you will need for visiting it.

Some cities are much more expensive than others. If you are, for example, living in the LA on the budget, you will need to be careful about your spending. Luckily, every town has great low-budget or free attractions. If you’re lacking money at this moment focus on visiting them first.

Also, some of the attractions may be far from your new neighborhood. If you are adapting to a new job after the move, taking a few days off in the early start won’t reflect well. Leave the attractions that require a few days for later – once you establish your position in the new company.

Start exploring a new city in baby steps

When you are moving to New York, for example, from a much smaller town, the huge city may be frightening for you. You need to learn how public transportation works, where are the best grocery shops, where you can have a drink, etc. A short visit and living in the city are two totally different things. If your relocation is your first encounter to the new city, you may feel like the deer in front of the headlights.

That is totally understandable, but that shouldn’t keep you from exploring the new city. As a matter, a fact, think of it as a challenge to your skills.

A crowd of people.

Don’t let the heavy traffic and crowded streets to prevent you from exploring your new city.

A good plan will be to start with exploring the neighborhood that you living in, and the neighborhood that you work in. Once you get to know them well, go to the other parts of town. Exploring a new city that you now call your home, isn’t a science. Still, following these tips will make you more comfortable and it will make settling down much easier.