Top cities in Japan for expats

Moving to Japan is what a lot of people from all of the world dream of as it is one of the best countries to live in. Some do manage to do so and most of them face the same problem – where to move to in Japan? Japan is such a beautiful country with dozens of stunning towns and cities that are hard to choose from. Each has something unique about it that makes you want to live there. And if you have a chance to pick any town in Japan to live in at least for some time, you have definitely found yourself in a dead-end street in the best possible way. This is why we have decided to tell you a bit about some of our favorite cities in Japan for expats.


If you are moving to Japan to live close by and be able to explore all the beautiful historical sights there, Kyoto is the city for you. It is one of the three biggest cities in Japan and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire world. This is certainly because there are plenty of things to be seen in Kyoto. Things related to Japanese culture and history which is one of the richest and most beautiful.

Kyoto temple.

Kyoto is home to some of the biggest and most beautiful historic landmarks of Japan.

This definitely isn’t the only reason to move to Kyoto. Kyoto has a lot to offer to expats and it is why there are dozens of hundreds of thousands of them living there. Most of them work in hospitality and so will you unless you have a job secured there already. Another reason to move to Kyoto is that it has an excellent train system making it easy to access other places in the country. Perfect for those of you who want to explore some more options. Who knows, you might find a place you like better than Kyoto and end up moving there. Just remember that you can settle in with experts’ help and make moving stress-free.


Another one of the most beautiful cities in Japan for expats to move to is Sapporo. It is located on the main island of Hokkaido and is home to a lot of expats already. This city is known for cherry blossom viewing. During the spring months, the cherry trees blossom making this one of the most beautiful cities in the world to be in during the months of April and May. But this of course is not the only thing attracting expats to live here. It is also the fact that the climate is a bit colder. A lot of people come to ski in Sapporo. Also, if looking to invest in real estate internationally, this is a good place for doing so.


Cherry trees make Sapporo one of the most beautiful Japanese cities to live in during spring.

A lot of people who are moving to Sapporo are moving with When moving internationally, you want to make sure your things are being handled by professionals. And as they are experienced, they surely are professional.

More places to consider

We could write for days about the best cities in Japan for expats but we are not going to. Instead, we will tell you a couple of more cities to consider moving to and we believe that it is best if you go and see for yourself just what makes moving to these places a good idea. Tokyo is always a good option and so is Osaka if you have enough money to handle living there. Yokohama is another lovely town worth seeing after moving to Japan and definitely worth moving to. If you are moving with your dog to Japan, this is certainly a city to consider. Nagoya, Nara, and Sendai are amazing options as well.