Washington places to consider for your second house

Buying a second home can be considered quite an accomplishment. Investing in real estate, for most of us is one of the biggest investments that we will ever make. Thus, buying a home is always an enormous step. So, once you come to the point that you are able to buy a second home you should consider yourself fortunate. Also, you should feel extreme pride in your accomplishment. Still, you must be careful, even though this is not your first rodeo. So, ask yourself what is most important when buying a property? Location, location, location! Because of that, we are sharing with you Washington places to consider when purchasing a second home.

Washington places to consider when home hunting

Some of the best destinations to invest in are located in Washington. There are countless towns that are perfect for those raising a family or looking to start one. On the other hand, there are places that are more urban and suitable for a younger crowd. The best part is that there is something for everybody’s preference and these are our favorites.

Suburban neighborhood in Washington State on the water.

One great thing about Washington is that there are plenty of housing options located directly on the waterfront.


If you were looking for a perfect mix of city living and nature you just found it. Everet is a Washinton State city, located near Seattle. It is settled on the water and it is safe to say that the scenery in it and around it is breathtaking. It is an excellent solution for those looking to live on the waterfront and for those that lead a healthy lifestyle. If this sounds appealing to you, you can settle in without hassle in this gem with the help of professional movers.

Sammamish Valley

Here is a great choice for those that prefer to have a second home in a more urban setting. Since people in Sammamish Valley like to rent homes, it can be a great opportunity for an investment. When you are not using your second home, you can always rent it and have a second reliable income. On the other hand, if you are not looking for such a business opportunity, you can always visit often and get to know your neighbors.

View of properties on the waterfront of Lake Sammamish, Washington, USA.

There are plenty of Washington places to consider when buying a second home, but you can never go wrong when investing in Sammamish Valley.


Many cities in Washington are surrounded by nature and Redmond is no exception. Greenery is all around and the air is fresh and crisp. It is the perfect place for families that like to be outside and for those that are pet owners. Also, it is known for its different business activities. Large companies such as Microsoft, often visit Redmond for summits and other business-related functions. When moving to this unique city, look for assistance nearby. There are many local moving companies that can be of excellent help during your relocation.


Spots that we suggest as Washington places to consider are an excellent solution when looking to invest in a second home. No matter how you plan on using it. However, great locations are available all over the Evergreen State. All you need to do is pinpoint your favorite and get your wallet ready because your perfect home awaits you. Happy house hunting!