Why Young Professionals are Moving to Montreal

Relocating to Montreal might be among your best and most inspirational options, especially for a young professional. You can find a little bit of everything in Montreal, which caters to all tastes. The city provides a distinctive fusion of the old and contemporary, combining the European flare with Canadian tradition. It preserves the charm of small towns and their unique blend of culture and variety and captures the energy of a large metropolis. Montreal’s charm will undoubtedly win you over. In addition, several sectors in Montreal are booming, such as the IT and software ones, which is more of a reason for young professionals to move to this fantastic city. But let us discover more about why young professionals are moving to Montreal. Keep reading to see why pursuing a career in this city might be the best choice.

Reasons young professionals are moving to Montreal

There are several reasons why young professionals are moving to Montreal. This city has everything from affordable housing costs in fantastic neighbourhoods to multiple career opportunities in several industries. However, let’s discuss these reasons in more detail. That way, you will better understand why moving to this city can be an excellent decision for your career.

Cost of living

The city’s most significant financial benefit is that property and rent expenses in Montreal are usually lower than in many other Canadian cities. In a secure area of Montreal, rent for a quality room in a shared apartment may be as little as $500 per month, with rents for some one-bedroom apartments starting at approximately $1000. However, these are the minimum prices you can find. You may have to spend more depending on your preferences and expectations.

The cost of shopping and eating out is at or above the national average, and household utilities are frequently charged monthly and are generally affordable. For example, a pint of local beer should cost approximately $7, but imports in popular spots around Crescent Street and the Old Port can cost as much as $9.50.

A young woman showing thumbs up for moving to Montreal.
The cost of living in Montreal is affordable.


In every meaning of the word, Montreal is a cosmopolitan and diverse metropolis. Its diversity results from the city’s large student population and distinctive aesthetic, which draws visitors worldwide.

Montreal’s variety gives it a unique personality and endless vitality. You can always meet people from all around the world since cultural activities constantly occur in the city. Montreal truly serves as a window for Americans to enjoy the glories of Europe. Furthermore, a variety of food unlike any other is brought about by multiculturalism and diversity. Start with the local poutine, and then be ready to explore food from all around the world.

However, it’s essential to understand that Quebecers and residents of Montreal take pride in their French history, and as a result, some neighbourhoods are undoubtedly far more Francophone than others. By researching it thoroughly, you can ensure you are at ease in your new surroundings. But remember that embarking on new experiences and learning new things is part of the pleasure of coming to a city like Montreal. And learning a new language is the best way to experience Montreal’s European-influenced culture fully. If you aim to learn one new word every day, you’ll order your entire dinner in French before you know it.

Little dolls representing people from different nations.
Montreal is a cosmopolitan and diverse metropolis.

Easy access

As a young professional, probably, you will probably frequently use the city’s Metro system if you intend to live in Montreal and do not intend to purchase a car. Regarding daily use, the Metro is Canada’s busiest underground system. The Societe de Transport de Montreal (STM) runs the Metro’s four lines. The orange line is the most dynamic segment, and the green line follows an east-west axis. Both the orange and green lines traverse downtown. North of Mount Royal, the blue line travels east-west, and the yellow crosses Longueuil and the South Shore. On weekdays, the Metro runs until around 12.30 a.m. On Friday and Saturday evenings, it runs until about 1.30 a.m. Also, one trip costs $3.5, and a monthly pass is $90.50.

Therefore, if you wish to move to Montreal as a young professional, you won’t have trouble reaching every part of the city. However, looking for the right moving team when relocating to Montreal long-distance is highly advised. With the help of professional movers, you will settle in your new place in no time and can start exploring the city faster than you expected.

Job opportunities

In Montreal, employment options are plentiful. The city has the second-largest economy in the country and focuses primarily on business and finance, industrial work, technology, culture, and international affairs. In addition, one of the most significant seaports in the world, The Old Port of Montreal, is also within the city. If you enjoy the arts and entertainment, you’ll appreciate that Montreal is home to the Alliance Films headquarters and other film studios and hubs for various film festivals. Furthermore, Ubisoft, THQ Montreal, Bioware, Electronic Arts, Gameloft, and even Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment all have headquarters in Montreal. Therefore, the city also provides many work chances in the video game business.


Another reason why young professionals are moving to Montreal is the colourful nightlife. After all, Montreal is known for being a fun and lively city. Festivals, concerts, parties, street fairs, and vibrant nightlife are constantly on the schedule. Several culinary selections are available at restaurants to suit every mood and taste. Furthermore, Montreal, which honours its European heritage, as we already mentioned, provides social possibilities unmatched by any other city. After a long day at work, it’s time for “cinq a sept,” or 5 to 7, Montreal’s version of happy hour, which features casual meals and beverages.

A concert.
The colourful nightlife is another reason why young professionals are moving to Montreal.


As you can see, there are many reasons why young professionals are moving to Montreal. So if you are a young professional looking for great job opportunities, affordable living, and an active lifestyle, don’t hesitate to contact a reputable realtor in Montreal who can help you find your perfect new home.